Excalibur Dehydrators

Living Raw Food Dehyrdation

Bite into a Juicy Red Apple

You are experiencing the full potential and complement of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes nature provided in that compact package. There’s no nutritional loss due to the heat of cooking, nor loss of water soluble vitamins and minerals. If your apple was organically grown, you aren’t ingesting artificial preservatives, food dyes, or other man-made chemicals, simulated sugars, or ‘enhancers.’

Dehydrating is the best way to preserve the essence of a raw apple, as well as other fruits and vegetables.

Dehydrating doesn’t subject foods to high temperatures associated with traditional canning methods. For safety reasons, low-acid foods are heated to temperatures of 240F degrees in a pressure canner. High-acid produce reaches a temperature of 212F in a water-bath canner. When a raw food is heated to an internal temperature of 120F or higher, much of it’s nutritional value is lost, especially enzymes. Canning also leaches out water soluble vitamins and minerals, which further depletes the healthful qualities of raw-living foods

The factory-direct Exclusive 3000 Series dehydrators include an optional 26-hour timer.

This adds to the convenience of dehydrating raw/living foods. The dehydrator will turn itself off at the end of the designated drying period. With Excalibur’s built in safety features and the 26-hour timer, it can be left unattended while you’re away or are sleeping.

Power Boost for Fresh Raw foods!

When you make your favorite smoothie or other raw food beverage, add powdered fruits or vegetables to the recipe. For example, if your beverage contains carrots, add a tablespoon of carrot powder to a cup of carrot juice for an even higher degree of nutrition!

Keep your pantry stocked with dehydrated fruits and vegetables, so that you can add a big power boost to supplement those fresh fruits and vegetables that you have on hand.

When you use an Excalibur to stock your pantry, you can be assured the fruits of your labor will be the very best!

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