Light & Healthy Living Foods

Stacked Salad

The Living Foods Diet, pioneered by Dr. Ann Wigmore, is a healing diet ideal for recovering from illness, losing weight, building immunity, aiding digestion and maximizing health and vitality.

In Light & Healthy Living Foods you will learn:

  • How to make fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, and Coconut Yogurt, which aid digestion and build the immune system.
  • How to grow sprouts, wheatgrass, and sunflower greens – living foods rich in enzymes, protein, and nutrients.
  • How to make a complete – meal blended energy soup – great for cleansing and rejuvenation.
  • How to make a non-dairy cheese.

Menu: Green Leafy Sprouts, Wheatgrass and Sunflower Greens, Sprout Salad with Tomato Basil Dressing. Energy Soup, Herbed Almond Cheese Spread, Sauerkraut, Coconut Yogurt with fresh berries.

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