“May thy medicine be thy food…

…“May thy medicine be thy food and food thy medicine” - Hippocrates

I find myself sitting here thinking about how grateful I am to be where I am right at this moment.  I feel grounded, strong, healthy, vibrant and full of energy. I have to thank Creator for making me choose health. Though diagnosed with diabetes over five years ago, I found my medicine in Raw Foods and I want to share my food and my journey with you on your journey. We offer fresh living food, classes and workshops at our peaceful Three Trees Retreat Center in Royal Oaks California. Read more

The Food-

I would like to welcome you to our Wonderfully Raw Gourmet kitchen. What we all call Raw Food we like to call Living Food. Food for healing, Food for health, Food for transformation. Everything we prepare in the Wonderfully Raw kitchen is made fresh from the field, from the best ingredients, created to be satisfyingly delicious and nutritious. We invite you to partner with us to bring tasty and healing nutrition into your home. It is our mission to provide the best live entrees, appetizers, snacks and desserts, delivered to your door, fresh and full of life.

We know today that many are searching for new ways to unlock and maintain a truly healthy diet. We see the true relationship between what we put in our bodies and our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We can see how the decisions we make about such matters affects our precious earth, one another and generations to come. Read more

The Classes-

Every month we teach a new class where you will learn how to prepare a full meal plan inspired by classical and exotic flavors from close to home and around the world. You will learn mixing and seasoning techniques, dehydrating approaches and preparation skills that will launch you into this exciting new world of raw food “cooking”. We will cover meal planning and in-depth nutritional perspectives with each course prepared.

Sequoia loves to share her passion.  So if you been wanted to learn how to feed your body, mind, and spirit with love and good food! These classes are for you.  Check our calendar for dates and times.  We are here to help you every step of your journey to good health.


Consumer interest in raw food and healthy eating has never been greater.  This engaging free lecture and demo on the benefits of the raw living food diet will inspire you to try a new healthy and delicious way of eating, and will answer the most common questions about raw living foods.

In “Why Raw” you will learn:

  • The effects of cooking on different nutrients
  • Where you get your protein on the raw food diet
  • The raw food groups
  • Food combining for better digestion
  • How to maintain your ideal weight
  • How to adapt to a raw living foods diet
  • How to make raw food preparation quick and easy.

To show participants how easy it is to make delicious recipes using raw living ingredients, there will be a few free demo’s at this talk.  You will get to taste how delicious this food can be.

Message from Jack – July 2010

We just returned from an amazing journey to Alaska. We may be the only two people to actually lose weight on the cruise we took through the inner passage. Instead of eating the gourmet dead food in the restaurants on board we ate from the cafeteria salad bars the whole trip. We spent most of the time on our balcony watching the wilderness float by. Read more

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