Message from Jack – July 2010

We just returned from an amazing journey to Alaska. We may be the only two people to actually lose weight on the cruise we took through the inner passage. Instead of eating the gourmet dead food in the restaurants on board we ate from the cafeteria salad bars the whole trip. We spent most of the time on our balcony watching the wilderness float by. Read more

February 2010

Hi, everyone! Jack here. I must tell you what a revelation live raw foods are for me. Thanks to Sequoia’s never-ending desire for health and balance, I am eating like a King! and feeling great; mentally, physically and spiritually.

This road to optimal diet and health has been a long journey for me, as well. Just shy of 60 years old, I had been on a “see” food diet for most of my years ( I would eat any food I would see). Especially fond of sweets and fatty foods, I struggled to make good decisions where my diet was concerned. Like most people, I never knew how live food lovingly prepared could open new portals of awareness and vitality.

The natural world is so full of life and diversity, color and texture that I have always felt a deep reverence for our garden world. Of course, eating is one of the most intimate acts we engage in daily. However eating, like breathing is something we often do unconsciously. Read more

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