“May thy medicine be thy food…

…“May thy medicine be thy food and food thy medicine” - Hippocrates

I find myself sitting here thinking about how grateful I am to be where I am right at this moment.  I feel grounded, strong, healthy, vibrant and full of energy. I have to thank Creator for making me choose health. Though diagnosed with diabetes over five years ago, I found my medicine in Raw Foods and I want to share my food and my journey with you on your journey. We offer fresh living food, classes and workshops at our peaceful Three Trees Retreat Center in Royal Oaks California.

CLASSES- Check Calendar for dates and times

Classes are 3-hour  raw food “boot camp.”  The fee: $75.00 per class.

15% discount if you sign up for three classes and pay in full.

To register please call Chef Sequoia @ 831-768-7592

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