The Food-

I would like to welcome you to our Wonderfully Raw Gourmet kitchen. What we all call Raw Food we like to call Living Food. Food for healing, Food for health, Food for transformation. Everything we prepare in the Wonderfully Raw kitchen is made fresh from the field, from the best ingredients, created to be satisfyingly delicious and nutritious. We invite you to partner with us to bring tasty and healing nutrition into your home. It is our mission to provide the best live entrees, appetizers, snacks and desserts, delivered to your door, fresh and full of life.

We know today that many are searching for new ways to unlock and maintain a truly healthy diet. We see the true relationship between what we put in our bodies and our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We can see how the decisions we make about such matters affects our precious earth, one another and generations to come. We invite you to browse through our menu and take this journey with us. We offer weekly boxes full of live foods for every meal and setting. You have choices on most items every week only the main dishes are set but also change on a regular basis, so no danger of falling into a rut because the food is always changing.

Eating well to be well opens doors of life you may have only dreamed of, yet the right food is all around us. We ask that you let us be your guides and resources on the road to delicious gourmet cuisine as well as radiant health.

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