Message from Jack – July 2010

We just returned from an amazing journey to Alaska. We may be the only two people to actually lose weight on the cruise we took through the inner passage. Instead of eating the gourmet dead food in the restaurants on board we ate from the cafeteria salad bars the whole trip. We spent most of the time on our balcony watching the wilderness float by. Even when the temperature was freezing, we just bundled up and spent time with the glaciers and watching the wildlife and whales. This journey reinforced one truth for us. You do create the world you chose to live in. While literally everyone else was putting on a pound a day at the opulent spreads, we chose the right foods for us and the activities which fed our souls. We must make the choice for life every day. No matter what resistance comes from others or in our own minds, there is simply no alternative to eating right and enjoying the wondrous bounty of the natural world. All life is medicine. It is up to us to chose that which brings us health, vitality and unity.
Live fearlessly,

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